Dukes, Sir Paul (1889–1967)
British author, secret agent, and pioneer of yoga in Western
countries, Dukes was born in 1889. He was educated at
Caterham School, England, and Petrograd Conservative, Russia.
Dukes was always seeking and affirming a higher purpose
in life than everyday existence. His first marriage, in 1922, was
to Margaret Rutherford; his second, in 1959, to Diana Fitzgerald.
As a young man he took a position as a language teacher in
Riga, Latvia. He later moved to St. Petersburg, where he was
a secret agent in prerevolutionary Russia. In 1913 he spent a
season in the Russian province of Tula, acting as a tutor, and
briefly claimed an ability for psychic healing.
After World War I, in 1921 he became a special correspondent
of The Times newspaper in Eastern Europe. Under the
name ‘‘Paul Dukaine’’ he appeared on stage in a ballet act.
Dukes also studied yoga, lectured, traveled widely, and wrote
a number of books on a variety of topics. He was director of a
company that manufactured components for the British Ministry
of Aircraft Production. During his travels he met mystics
and wonder workers, and also spent a night alone in the Great
Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt. He died on August 27, 1967 in
Capetown, South Africa.
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