Ebon, Martin (1917– )
Author and editor of popular books on parapsychology and
related subjects. Ebon was born May 27, 1917, in Hamburg,
Germany. In 1938 he moved to the United States, where he
served as a managing editor of the Foreign Language Division
of the Overseas News Agency. During World War II, he was on
the staff of the U.S. Office of War Information. He became an
expert on the Soviet Union and wrote and lectured widely on
it. However, his interest in the paranormal became the more
dominant part of his life.
After the war he was associated with the Parapsychology
Foundation and for 11 years (1954–65) served as its administrative
secretary. He was managing editor of the foundation’s
periodical, Tomorrow (1953–62), and executive editor of the International
Journal of Parapsychology (1959–65). For a brief period
beginning in 1969, he also served as executive editor of the
quarterly Spiritual Frontiers.
Throughout the sixties and seventies, he wrote and edited
numerous books and articles on all fields of parapsychology,
Earth Religion News Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
the occult, and other anomalous phenomena, and he served as
book review editor for several periodicals. Ebon first became
known to many through his ‘‘true experiences’’ series of the
late 1960s, which included True Experiences in Prophecy (1967),
True Experiences in Telepathy (1967), True Experiences with Ghosts
(1968), and True Experiences in Exotic ESP (1968).
Ebon’s major contributions to parapsychology include Communicating
with the Dead (1968), What’s New in ESP (1976), The
Evidence for Life After Death (1977), and The Signet Handbook of
Parapsychology (1978). He also wrote two books that combined
his knowledge of parapsychology and the Soviet Union Psychic
Discoveries by the Russians (1971) and The Soviet Propaganda Machine
(1987). Ebon’s books have always been very timely, as he
possessed an accurate sense of specific public interests in paranormal
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