Ecstasy Journal of Divine Experience
Ecstasy Journal of Divine Experience is a full-color newsstand
magazine devoted to exploring altered states of consciousness
and spiritual experiences from the standpoint of psychedelic
mind-altering substances. The magazine’s name derives from
both the ecstatic experience produced from ingesting a wide
variety of substances and the single substance called Ecstasy
that became well known for its identification with rave parties.
Featured in each issue of the magazine are a number of articles
describing the origin, effects, and legal status of different substances.
Other articles concentrate on the particular ecstatic
state produced by various substances and relate them to traditional
spiritual experiences. Many people have come to believe
that psychedelic experiences are basic to religious experience
and integral to the origin of ancient religious communities.
Like the manufacturers of the various paraphernalia used by
individuals for the ingestion of different psychedelics, the publishers
of Ecstasy operate on the edge of the laws concerning the
use of mood altering substances, many of which are outlawed
or strictly regulated by the United States government. Ecstasy
is one of the few magazines to carry the names of its lawyers on
the title page. Ecstasy carries ads for a wide spectrum of drugrelated
paraphernalia and different legal substances.
Ecstasy is published by the Center for Sacred Plant Research
which may be contacted at P.O. Box 17191, Beverly Hills, CA
90209. Closely related is the Temple of Ecstasy, also headquartered
in Beverly Hills, which sells books, paraphernalia,
and legal substances, such as Ecstasy tobacco-free cigarettes,
and preempts the majority of the magazine’s advertising space.
Neither Ecstasy nor the center have a webpage, but the Temple
of Ecstasy may be contacted at,
where a page offering subscriptions for the magazine can be
Ecstasy. Beverly Hills, CA, n.d

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