Edinburgh College of Parapsychology
Originally founded under the name Edinburgh Psychic College
and Library by Ethel Miller in 1932 at 30 Heriot Row,
Edinburgh, Scotland. The college was affiliated with the British
College of Psychic Science, London, and organized along
similar lines. It became the representative psychic organization
in Scotland.
Following the death of her husband, Miller received evidence
of survival through such well-known mediums as Annie
Johnson, Hester Dowden, and Estelle Roberts and decided to
make such psychic assistance and knowledge available to other
seekers. She placed special importance on providing a good library
for study and a quiet, sympathetic, and friendly atmosphere.
She was especially solicitous of the welfare and procedures
of mediums and insisted that they should not be
overworked or be given the names of sitters or other information
concerning them. The Edinburgh College outlived the
British College of Psychic Science and became widely known as
a leading center of psychical studies. Many well-known mediums,
including Geraldine Cummins, Lilian Bailey, Helen
Hughes, and Helen Duncan, visited the college.
In 1973 the Heriot Row address was sold, and the college
moved to its present address under the new name Edinburgh
College of Parapsychology. Its current aims are summarized as
‘‘the study of psychic or parapsychological phenomena and
their implications, and the development of psychic or parapsychological
powers in its members.’’ Address 2 Melville St.,
Edinburgh, EH3 7NS, Scotland.