Edwards, Frank (Allyn) (1908–1967)
Journalist, broadcaster, and author who publicized anomalous
mysteries, bizarre events, and flying saucers (UFOs).
Born August 4, 1908, in Mattoon, Illinois, Edwards became a
golf professional and then a technical adviser in a shipyard before
beginning a radio career with KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
in 1924. Starting in 1925 he worked for WHAS and
WLAP in Louisville, Kentucky. He was a news analyst for the
Mutual Broadcasting System from 1942 to 1952. Between 1949
and 1954 he was a White House correspondent. From 1955 to
1959 and from 1961 to 1962 he was a commentator for WTTV
in Indianapolis; from 1964, for WXLW; and from 1965, for
WLWI-TV. He subsequently lectured at Butler University on
broadcast journalism.
In the Radio Daily poll of 1953, he was cited, along with Edward
R. Murrow and Lowell Thomas, as one of the nation’s top
broadcasters. His ‘‘Strange to Relate’’ column was widely syndicated
throughout the world, and he was a contributing editor
to Fate magazine for a decade beginning in 1957. He was also
a member of the Board of Governors of NICAP (National Investigations
Committee on Aerial Phenomena) from 1957
until his death on June 23, 1967.
Edwards is most remembered for the many popular books
in which he compiled brief accounts of extraordinary and paranormal
events. Beginning with Strange World in 1954, he produced
a series of popular books featuring short summaries of
numerous anomalous occurrences, a format that served him
well for the next decade. In the mid-1960s he wrote two popular
books on flying saucers that rode the wave of public interest
but were considered disasters by the UFO community for their
numerous factual errors.
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