Edwards, Harry (1893–1976)
British spiritual healer (born Henry James Edwards on May
29, 1893) who also did much to publicize the subject of spiritual
healing. He treated patients directly at his Healing Sanctuary
in Britain or on the platform at public meetings, and also by
‘‘absent healing’’ through correspondence.
Edwards was born on May 29, 1893, in Islington, London,
and grew up in various sections of the metropolitan area. At the
age of 14 he was apprenticed to a printer and his seven years
of service were up just in time for him to join the army in 1914.
He was sent to India the following year and for a time worked
in a construction project in Persia (Iran). While there he had
his first experiences as a healer, as he was the one in charge of
handing all of the minor work-related injuries. However, even
the few medicines he had available led to his gaining a local
reputation as a healer of note.
He returned to England in 1921 and established himself as
a printer and was actively involved in local politics. In 1936, in
the wake of the untimely death of a nephew, he visited a Spiritualist
meeting. Years ago he had on one occasion attended
such a gathering, but it had made little impression. This time,
however, he was intrigued and began to attend a development
class from which he emerged as a medium.
He and his wife soon formed a home circle they called the
Fellowship of Spiritual Service. Told by a medium that he was
to become a healer, he followed instructions to concentrate
upon the recovery of the next account of a sick person described
to him. It happened to be of a person with tuberculosis
who experienced a recovery after Edwards’ intervention. Edwards
was just becoming known as a healer when World War II
began. He joined the Home Guard. His home was destroyed
during the bombing of London, and Edwards relocated to Surrey,
eventually giving up his printing business and purchasing
a large house, Burrows Lea, which became the sight of his Spiritual
Healing Sanctuary.
Edwards operated as a Spiritualist healer, and believed that
the late Louis Pastuer and Lord Lister worked through him
from the spirit world. He was in great demand for the rest of
his life and frequently gave lectures and led healing services
throughout Great Britain.
He received some two thousand letters daily, many from patients
in distant countries. His records indicated close to a 80
percent recovery rate dealing with such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis,
arthritis and epilepsy, although, only a minority of
these cases were documented to the level required to verify the
healing claimed.
Edwards worked closely with physicians. He believed that
spiritual healing power passed through him with the assistance
of discarnate spirit helpers, and also claimed to have traveled
outside his body to visit distant patients. He authored a number
of books and published a monthly magazine The Spiritual Healer
from his home.
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Edwards died December 7, 1976, but his healing work has
been continued at his Burrows Lea sanctuary by Joan and Ray
Branch, whom he designated as his successors. The Branches
have stated that they feel Edwards is still with them in their
work of healing. The journal The Spiritual Healer continues
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