Ehrenberg, Wolfgang (1909– )
Chemist and lecturer on atomic physics with special interest
in parapsychology. Ehrenberg was born January 8, 1909, in
Munich, Germany. He attended the University of Munich and
joined the teaching staff following his graduation in 1936. He
became an industrial consultant and researcher in the fields of
chemistry and physics and published many scientific papers on
these subjects and on the psychophysics of color. From 1950 to
1953 he was a staff member of the thermonuclear pilot plant
at the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission in Bariloche and
also lectured on atomic physics in Argentina.
He was a founder of the Psychophysical Society and became
its president in 1954. Ehrenberg’s interest in parapsychology
is reflected in his numerous articles on its relation to physics,
many of which were published in Psychophysikalische Zeitschrif

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