Eliade, Mircea (1907–1986)
Noted scholar on the history of religions and for many years
a professor at the University of Chicago. Eliade was born March
9, 1907, in Bucharest, Romania, and was educated at the University
of Bucharest (M.A., 1928; Ph.D., 1933) and the University
of Calcutta. He was a cultural counselor for the Romanian
Legation, Lisbon (1941–44) during World War II, and after
hostilities ended he became a visiting professor at the Ecole des
Hautes Etudes, the Sorbonne, Paris (1946–49), before moving
to the University of Chicago, where he served first as the Haskell
lecturer (1956) and later as a professor.
From his broad examination of the religious life of various
peoples and his study of the nature of religious experience,
Eliade wrote several important books dealing with topics related
to parapsychology and the occult. He is most remembered
for his studies of alchemy and shamanism and the monumental
Encyclopedia of Religion (1987), which he edited during the
last years of his life. He died April 22, 1986.
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