Elliott, G(raeme) Maurice (1883–1959)
Clergyman in the Church of England who explored the relationship
between Christianity and psychical research. Elliott
was born October 1, 1883, in London, and studied at the University
of London and Hackney College. He was ordained a
deacon in 1915 and a priest in 1917. From 1915 until his retirement
in 1952 he served as curate, vicar, or rector of various parishes.
Through his religious studies, Elliott became interested in
the psychical as a tool for interpreting the Bible and understanding
what is commonly understood to be the ‘‘supernatural’’
element in Christianity, about which he wrote several important
books The Psychic Life of Jesus (1938), Spiritualism in the
Old Testament (1940), In Search of Faith (1948), and The Bible as
Psychic History (1959). He participated in the founding of the
Churches’ Fellowship for Spiritual and Psychical Studies
and beginning in 1954 served as its secretary for many years.
He was also a cofounder of the Confraternity, an association of
laity and clergy concerned with Spiritualism, and a member of
the directorate of the Order of the Preparation of Communion
of Soul (a psychical research body). From 1954 to 1959 he
served on the Commission on Divine Healing set up by the
archbishop of Canterbury. He died June 8, 1959, in London.
Elliott, G. Maurice. The Psychic Life of Jesus. 1938. Reprint,
New York London Press, 1974.
———. Spiritualism in the Old Testament. London The Psychic
Book Club, 1940

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