Elohim Journal
Elohim Journal is a leading Australian magazine serving the
post-New Age spirituality movement. It began in 1997 as the
Sedona Journal of Emergence Australia and New Zealand Edition,
and served as its name implied as a South Pacific edition of the
popular American channeling magazine, Sedona Journal of
Emergence. After nine issues, it adopted its present name. Its
first issue under its new name appeared in January 1999.
Coeditor Roger Miles traces his involvement with the magazine
to 1994 when in Aspen, Colorado, on vacation, he met the
owner of a bookstore who also happened to be a trance channeler.
The entity speaking through the man identified Miles as
a Starship Commander with the Galactic Federation who had
come from the Pleiades to Earth to ‘‘help take people home.’’
He did not understand the weird encounter at the time, but
strange coincidences began to occur. He soon had a feeling
that he should leave his business and pay attention to his life’s
work. In the United States in 1996, he met Robert Shapiro, the
channel for an entity named Zoosh, and soon was led to an encounter
with O’Ryin Swanson, the founder of the Sedona Journal
of Emergence. Swanson was looking for a way to expand her publication
to the South Pacific. Shortly thereafter Miles met his
new mate and current coeditor of the Journal, Suzanne Stallard.
Like its parent, Elohim Journal specializes in reprinting brief articles,
often around a general theme, of material channeled by
a variety of post-New Age channelers, many of whom reside
andor work in the Sedona, Arizona, area. However, at the
same time, there are a number of similar channelers operating
in Australia and New Zealand where the New Age Movement
had spread through the 1980s. Thus, Elohim Journal has also integrated
material from local channelers (some of whom, like
Jani King, have an international following) into its various issues.
The editors of Elohim Journal, Roger Miles and Suzanne
Stallard, see the magazine as serving the larger spiritual emergence
movement and seek to provide an overview of humanity’s
journey into ‘‘Light and Love.’’ It includes in each issue notices
of new books, especially new volumes of channeled
material, that have become available in the South Pacific, and
announcements of seminars, special events, and tours from
North American and European speakers. Elohim Journal may be
ordered from Awakening to the Truth, P.O. Box 722, Spring
Hill, Brisbane, Queensland 4000 Australia. Its website is at
Elohim Journal. httpwww.elohim.com. February 28,

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