Following the death of Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977, numerous
reports of contact with him began to surface. One set
of these reports concluded that he was still alive and for whatever
reason had made some random contact with different individuals.
The exploration of that hypothesis even became the
subject of a prime-time television special on United States television.
At the same time, a number of mediums and other people
with some psychic abilities claimed to have contacted Elvis and
to have received messages from him in the spirit world. (It is
not unusual for mediums to claim contact with famous people
who have recently died.) Among the first to claim contact was
Milwaukee medium June Young, who claims to have begun receiving
messages within days of Elvis’s death. She published a
magazine, Elvis Still Lives, which included texts of her ongoing
Journalist Hans Holzer received information on a variety of
people with messages, but was most impressed with those received
by Dorothy Sherry, who seems to have begun contact in
January 1978. The account became the basic story of his recent
book Elvis Speaks from the Beyond and other Celebrity Ghost Stories
Such stories have appeared regularly in the weekly tabloids,
among the most recent being a 1995 account of a woman who
claimed that she was cured by the ghost of Elvis.
Holzer, Hans. Elvis Speaks from the Beyond and other Celebrity
Ghost Stories. New York Dorset Press, 1993.
‘‘I Was Cured by Ghost of Elvis.’’ Sun (January 24, 1995).

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