ESP Laboratory of Texas
Not a laboratory for research in the scientific sense of the
term, but a mystical organization founded as the ESP Laboratory
by Alcie Gwyn Manning in Los Angeles, California, in 1966.
With the help of a spirit guide, ‘‘Professor Reinhardt,’’ Manning
wrote his initial book. He also became a minister of Spiritual
Science and opened a church. He developed a program of
psychic development designed to bring success, prosperity,
and healing.
In 1970 Manning introduced a course on the I Ching and
the following year one on white magic and witchcraft. His practical
approach was emphasized in a new book, Helping Yourself
with White Witchcraft (1972). In the early 1980s Manning moved
the laboratory to Texas. He also made a most endearing and
original contribution to contemporary mythology with the felicitously
named Gronkydoddles, a race of invisible pixies helpful
to the human race. Address ESP Laboratory of Texas, Box
216, 219 S. Ridge Dr., Edgewood, TX 75117.
Manning, Alcie G. Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft. West
Nyack, N.Y. Parker Publishing, 1972.
———. Helping Yourself with the Power of Gnostic Magic. West
Nyack, N.Y. Parker Publishing, 1979.

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