In ancient Irish romance, the second wife of Midir the
Proud. The sorceress Fuamnach, Midir’s first wife, became jealous
of her beauty and turned her into a butterfly, and she was
blown out of the palace by a magic storm. For seven years she
was tossed throughout Ireland, but then was blown into the
fairy palace of Angus on the Boyne. He could not release her
from the spell, but during the day she fed on honey-laden flowers,
and by night in her natural form gave Angus her love.
Fuamnach discovered her hiding place and sent a dreadful
tempest that blew Etain into the drinking cup of Etar, wife of
an Ulster chief. Etar swallowed her, but she was reborn as Etar’s
daughter, and as such married Eochy, high king of Ireland.

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