Daughter of Balor, king of the Fomorians of ancient Irish
magic legend. She was Balor’s only child, and because he had
been informed by a Druid that he would be killed by his grandson,
Balor had Ethlinn imprisoned in a tower and guarded by
12 women who were forbidden to tell her that such beings as
men existed. Balor stole a magic cow from Kian, who in revenge
obtained access, disguised as a woman, to Ethlinn. They
had three children, whom Balor ordered to be drowned. But
one of them fell from the napkin in which they were being
taken to their doom and was carried off by the Druidess Birog
to its father, Kian. This child became Lugh, the great sun god,
Etain Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
who eventually fulfilled the prophecy and killed his grandfather

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