Evans, Fred P. (1862– )
Slate-writing medium of San Francisco, California. Evans
went to sea as a young man, and his mediumistic gifts developed
while he was in marine service. He is most remembered
for producing 30 different spirit messages in as many hands on
a single slate at a public séance on June 21, 1885, in San Francisco.
Many of the signatures were identified as correct. He
demonstrated slate writing to British naturalist Alfred Russel
Wallace, who testified to his abilities. On May 18, 1887, he produced
five differently colored writings in the presence of Wallace
and also colored portraits on paper between two slates.
Evans lived for many years in San Francisco, but in 1922
traveled to England, where he held séances. He stated that because
he was impatient of the criticism that he had used his
mediumship for making money, he had spent several years
mining in California so that he could accumulate enough income
to make him independent and give his services free.
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