Evans, Hilary (1929– )
British pictorial archivist and writer on paranormal and
anomalous subjects. He was born in Shrewsbury, England,
March 6, 1929, and attended Cambridge University (B.A.) and
Birmingham University (M.A., English literature). He worked
for 12 years as an advertising copywriter, first in agencies, then
freelance. In 1964, with his wife, he founded the Mary Evans
Picture Library, a historical illustration archive near London,
and Evans now serves as the library curator. He has written several
books about illustration and picture research. Evans’s interest
in anomaly research began during his student years, but
he became actively involved in the late 1960s. He has been a
council member of the Society for Psychical Research as well
as a committee member. In 1981 he helped to found ASSAP
(Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena).
He lectures frequently in Europe and the United States.
Evans has taken a special interest in UFOs, largely for what
science can learn from observing and investigating a widespread
and ongoing anomaly. He has become a major exponent
of the psychosocial hypothesis that explains UFO reports
primarily as culturally shaped visionary experiences. He is a
council member of BUFORA (British UFO Research Association)
and has written widely on the subject of UFOs. His research
has been one aspect of a larger concern with alleged visions
of, and encounters with, otherworldly beings, which he
has explored in several comparative studies.
He regards himself as rather skeptical but believes that
many claims of the paranormal are based on fact and that scientific
anomaly research may dramatically extend our knowledge
of ourselves and the universe we inhabit.
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