Exceptional Human Experience (EHE)
Umbrella term coined by Rhea A. White to cover the full
range of anomalous human experiences. When a person has
potentiated the sensed but hidden meaning of an experience,
consciously realizing it, this realization usually transforms the
identity, lifeview, lifestyle, and worldview of that person. It is at
this point that it becomes an EHE because the anomalous experience
or anomaly of experience has enabled the person to actualize
more of his or her hidden human potential than would
have been possible without the experience. The end result of
most EHEs is a greater sense of connectedness, with previous
unknown parts of self, with other people, with other species,
and with the universe. White has identified 240 specific types
of EHEs and groups them into seven broad classifications
death-related, desolationnadir, encounter, healing, mystical,
peak, psychical.