Exceptional Human Experience (Journal)
Semiannual journal founded and edited by Rhea A. White.
Its central subject matter is exceptional human experience,
which consists of experiences that begin as anomalous ones or
anomalies of experience (first-time experiences) and when they
become transformative they are called exceptional human experiences.
The journal consists of research reports; methodological,
historical, and theoretical articles about EHEs; EHE
autobiographies and accounts of specific EHEs; abstracts of
books, journal and magazine articles; and dissertations on
EHEs or subjects relevant to EHEs, such as altered states of
consciousness and dissociation, transpersonal and humanistic
psychology, qualitative research methodology; and works
drawn from the disciplines of anthropology, folklore, religious
studies, sociology, and women’s studies. Autobiographical and
biographical articles and books are also covered. Address Exceptional
Human Experience Network, Inc., 414 Rockledge
Rd., New Bern, NC 28562.

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