Exceptional Human Experience Network,
Formerly known as the Parapsychology Sources of Information
Center or PSI Center. It was established by noted librarian
parapsychologist Rhea A. White in 1984. It was organized as
‘‘a clearinghouse for information, research findings, theories,
organizations, publications, and persons involved in parapsychology
and its interface with psychology, psychiatry, physics,
religion, medicine, mysticism, philosophy, and education.’’
The network publishes a semiannual journal Exceptional
Human Experience, that covers abstracts of the contents of all
parapsychology journals, some of which commenced publication
in the nineteenth century, to date.
White also created Psiline Database System, a computerized
database, to contain bibliographical citations, abstracts,
and subjector descriptors for all important books in parapsychology
and the major English-language journals from earliest
times to date. Added as time and resources allow are English
abstracts of many foreign language parapsychological journals;
articles on parapsychology in monographs, nonparapsychological
journals and magazines; proceedings, dissertations
and chapters. Psiline also covers parapsychological
newsletters, with selective abstracts. Address 414 Rockledge
Rd., New Bern, NC 28562. Website httpwww.ehe.org

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