Eysenck, H(ans) J(ürgen) (1916–1997)
Research psychologist whose specialized work in the fields
of personality, neurosis, and experimental psychology has relevance
to parapsychological research. He was born March 4,
1916, in Berlin, Germany. He was educated at the University
of London (B.A., 1938; Ph.D., 1940) and did postgraduate
work at the University of Dijon, France, and the University of
Exeter, England.
From 1942 to 1945 Eysenck was a research psychologist at
Mill Hill Emergency Hospital, England, and in 1945 moved to
Maudsley Hospital’s Institute of Psychiatry as a psychologist. In
1950 he became a reader in psychology and director of the department
of the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London.
In 1955 he was named professor of psychology, a position he
held until his retirement, when he was named professor emeritus.
Over the years he wrote more than 40 books and 800 articles
on personality and its relation to various social phenomena.
Within parapsychological circles, Eysenck is known for his
development of the Eysenck Personality Scale, a psychological
test battery, still in wide use among parapsychologists. In 1967
he suggested that extroverts would produce higher ESP scores,
a factor still noted by parapsychologists in setting up ESP tests.
Through the 1980s Eysenck became more vocal on paranormal
phenomena and argued that evidence for its existence is quite
good. He also worked to improve the design of ESP tests.
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