Faculty of Astrological Studies
British astrological school. The Faculty of Astrological
Studies was established in 1948 largely at the instigation of
Charles E. O. Carter, for many years head of the Astrological
Lodge of the Theosophical Society (now the Astrological
Lodge of London). The lodge sponsored the founding of the
school, and Carter served as its first principal (1948–54). He
was succeeded in that task by Margaret Hone (1954–69). Hone
had earlier been commissioned to produce The Modern Textbook
of Astrology (1951), a basic text for students. Most of the school’s
coursework is by correspondence. Address BM7470, London
WC1N 3XX, England. Website httpwww.astrology.org.uk.
Faculty of Astrological Studies. http
www.astrology.org.uk. March 8, 2000.