Falcomer, Marco Tullio (d. 1924)
Noted Italian researcher, Spiritualist, and professor of law
in the Regio Instituto Tecnico e Nautico at Venice. In An Introduction
to Modern Spiritualism, a 56-page pamphlet, Falcomer
summarizes the development of the movement up to 1895. He
dedicated the second edition of this pamphlet to the Third International
Congress of Psychology, held at Munich in 1896.
He intended to speak there on the subject of Spiritualism but
his paper was not admitted. In a later brochure, Phenomenography
(Paris, 1903), he describes a series of remarkable phenomena
produced through the mediumship of Signorina Nilda Bonardi
between 1900 and 1904.
Falcomer, Marco T. An Introduction to Modern Spiritualism.
[Venice], 1895.
———. Phenomenography. Paris, 1903.