FATE (Magazine)
Preeminent American journal devoted to articles and true
stories of the strange and unknown. It was originally launched
by Raymond A. Palmer and Curtis Fuller in the spring of
1948. Previously both had worked for Ziff-Davis, a Chicagobased
publishing company that was in the process of moving
to New York. Palmer and Fuller decided to stay in the Midwest.
Palmer had concluded from his prior publishing experience
that there was a market for a magazine offering true stories of
mysterious occurrences. The first issue featured the story of
Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sightings and FATE regularly thereafter
carried UFO stories.
In 1955, after Palmer had moved to Amherst, Wisconsin,
and started a second magazine, Mystic, Fuller bought his share
of the publication and became sole owner. He published and
edited the magazine until 1966, when Mary Margaret Fuller
Fascinum Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
became the editor. She was succeeded by Jerome Clark in 1988.
FATE emerged as a unique publication. On the one hand it
promoted, through its very existence, all areas of inquiry on
matters psychic, occult, and Fortean. It also became known for
its large advertisement section covering a wide range of occult
and other curious publications and services representative of
the contemporary scene. At the same time, FATE took the lead
in exposing hoaxes and printing articles presenting evidence
of mundane explanations of supposed mysterious phenomena.
In 1989 Fuller relinquished FATE to its present owner, Carl
L. Weschcke. Address P.O. Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164-
0383. FATE Magazine is also online at http
www.llewellyn.comfate where back issues are also available.
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