Father’s House
The Father’s House was a small organization that served for
many years as a dissemination point for the teachings of the
Universal Link, the original international organization spreading
the New Age movement. It was founded by Ralph F. Raymond
(d.1984) in the mid-1960s as the Universal Link Heart
Center in Los Angeles. In 1968 Raymond made a tour of Universal
Link centers in Europe and upon his return settled in
San Jose, California. Under his religious name, Brother Francis,
he published a booklet of his travels, now an important
chronicle of the beginning of the New Age. He also began to
issue the Father’s House Journal, in which he reprinted selections,
primarily channeled material, from many of the early
New Age groups such as the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.
Raymond believed in the coming Aquarian Age and saw himself
as one facilitator assisting people into its reality. The Father’s
House ceased to exist soon after his death.
Brother Francis [Ralph F. Raymond]. The Universal Link
Concept. Los Angeles Universal Link Heart Center, 1968.