Federation of Spiritual Churches and
Federation of Spiritual Churches and Associations, a fellowship
of otherwise autonomous Spiritualist congregations and
mediums, was founded in 1944. The federation views itself as
an expression of unity within Spiritualism and draws its member
churches from among both independent Spiritualist congregations
and those chartered by the various Spiritualist associations.
It also has a number of individual mediums and lay
Spiritualists as members. The federation attempts to motivate
members to service and action based on Spiritualist principles,
and does not offer ordination for ministersmediums or charters
for churches itself. The federation does recognize Spiritualist
leaders whom may be designated missionaries at large.
The federation members affirm a belief in God as Wisdom,
Love, Life, and Truth, the Oneness of life; the indwelling
Christ Spirit as Unconditioned Love; and the ideal moral manifestation
of Jesus. They also believe in the primacy of mental
states that will become manifest in the lives of individuals. It is
further believed that Nature is an expression of God and that
life should be lived in accordance with Nature’s laws, both physical
and spiritual. The unique Spiritualist distinctives are also
affirmed, namely the continuance of personal identity after
death and the possibility of communication with the dead.
They also believe in and practice healing and prophecy. Healing,
prophecy, and communication are seen as valid applications
of Nature’s law.
Membership in the federation is open to all who accept its
basic principles. It may be contacted co the FSCA Secretary,
Rev. Karen Durski, 4258 S. 26th St., Milwaukee, WI 53221. It
has an Internet site at httpwww.geocities.comAthensDelphi
1885. Through its member organizations, the federation offers
a full range of programs across the United States.
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