Fellowship for Readers of the URANTIA
The Fellowship for Readers of The URANTIA Book was
founded in 1955 as the URANTIA Brotherhood, an association
of students of The URANTIA Book, a 2,097-page collection of
material that had been received from numerous celestial beings
Fay, Mrs. H. B. Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
through the process now known as channeling. The channel for
The URANTIA Book has never been revealed by the leaders of
the movement in spite of various speculations as to hisher
identity. The founding of the brotherhood was occasioned by
the initial publication of The URANTIA Book and the opening
of the URANTIA Foundation (the organization that owns the
copyrights and publishes The URANTIA Book), both of which
also occurred in 1955.
For many years the brotherhood and the foundation shared
space in the movement’s Chicago headquarters. The brotherhood
organized study groups and local societies across North
America, and experienced a period of growth through the
1980s as the New Age Movement placed renewed emphasis on
channeled material. However, in the late 1980s a variety of policy
differences arose between the foundation and the brotherhood,
and in 1989, the brotherhood moved to become an independent
organization. The URANTIA Foundation withdrew
from the brotherhood the right to use the name ‘‘URANTIA’’
and the associated trademarks. At that time the brotherhood
officially changed its name to Fifth Epochal Fellowship. Seventeen
of the 21 societies formerly associated with the brotherhood
voted to remain affiliated with the new fellowship, which
continued to publish its newsletter and hold its annual meeting
as it previously had. It also published a copy of The URANTIA
Book through its own Uversa Press. In the late 1990s, the fellowship
assumed its present name.
The split between the foundation and the fellowship was bitter
and the foundation moved against the fellowship in order
to protect its copyrights and trademarks. At the same time,
there were those in both organizations who sought to reconcile
the differences. At a meeting in Chicago on October 3, 1997,
the leaders of both groups reached an agreement putting aside
a number of their differences and outlining future cooperative
action. For the fellowship, the most substantive element of the
agreement was the foundation’s release of the fellowship and
Uversa Press from legal problems due to their publication of
The URANTIA Book. At the same time, the fellowship agreed
not to sell its stock of copies, but to give them away to libraries,
prisoners, or people otherwise unable to afford a copy. The initial
agreement by no means solved all of the problems between
the two organizations, but they formed a joint committee to address
continuing concerns in the new millennium.
The fellowship may be contacted at 529 Wrightwood Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60614. It publishes two periodicals, The Study
Group Herald and the Mighty Messenger. The current president
is Janet Farrington Graham. It has some 1,200 members.
The URANTIA Book. Chicago Uversa Press, n.d.

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