Fellowship of Isis
An international, neopagan religious organization founded
in 1976 by author and painter Olivia Robertson to revive worship
and communion with the feminine principle of the deity
in the form of the goddess Isis and to promote knowledge of
the world’s matriarchal religions.
The fellowship is organized on a democratic basis and there
are no vows of secrecy (though member groups may have their
own secrets). It professes religious toleration and members are
free to maintain other religious allegiances. Communication
between members is maintained through literature and correspondence
and through local sister centers and groups, in addition
to the main center in Ireland.
The quarterly magazine Isian News includes news, lists of
members, temples, shrines, and centers, as well as articles on
rites, festivals, and formation and hallowing of temples. Other
publications include a festival calendar and books on rites and
mysteries of the Goddess. The loosely organized fellowship has
centers in 93 countries with membership numbered in the
thousands. The Fellowship of Isis may be contacted at Clonegal
Castle, Enniscorthy, Eire, Southern Ireland. Website http
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