Fellowship of Ma-Ion
Secret magic order founded by ‘‘Frater Achad’’ (Charles
Stansfeld Jones), a close associate and magical child of magician
Aleister Crowley. The order was based on interpretations
of the Kabalistic Tree of Life and The Book of the Law, the
thelemic magic text channeled by Crowley. The Book of the Law
announces the new aeon of Horus, the Egyptian deity referred
to by Crowley as ‘‘the Crowned and Conquering Child.’’ Jones
announced the coming of the Ma-Ion or Aeon of Maat, the
Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. The Ma-Ion was to succeed
the Aeon of Horus, an idea that proved unacceptable to
most thelemic magicians. The fellowship as such no longer exists,
but its impetus has been carried on by contemporary Maatian
magic groups such as the Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum.
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