Fellowship of the Inner Light
The Fellowship of the Inner Light is a channeling group
founded in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia, by the followers of Paul
Solomon, a trance channel believed by his followers to be like
Edgar Cayce. Solomon first began to channel from what was
termed the ‘‘Source’’ in February 1972. Further sessions produced
a variety of information for the treatment of diseases, accurate
prophecies, and a complete system for the development
of ‘‘Inner Light Consciousness.’’ The fellowship was organized
to disseminate the teachings concerning the Inner Light Consciousness
and to provide a vehicle for Solomon’s continued
In 1974 headquarters were shifted to Virginia Beach, Virginia,
where Cayce had lived the last years of his life and where
the Association for Research and Enlightenment continued
the study of the Cayce transcripts. Here the fellowship became
associated with the Heritage Store and Heritage Publications.
Heritage Store was formed in 1969 to make the remedies suggested
by the Cayce readings available to the general public.
The store began to make Solomon’s material available to its
customers both in the immediate area and around the country.
Through the 1980s, the fellowship also operated Carmel-inthe-Valley,
a 13-acre retreat center near New market, Virginia,
though in recent years all of the fellowship activities have been
centered in Virginia Beach.
Solomon’s channeled material parallels that of Cayce at
many points. The source of his information is believed to be the
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Fellowship of the Inner Light
Universal Mind and the Akashic records. All of human
thought is believed to be recorded on the Akashic records, or
the universal ethers, and hence remains available for someone
like Solomon to draw on. The fellowship discourages contact
with the spirits of the dead.
According to Solomon’s teachings, humans are children of
God trapped in material bodies, first manifest on ancient Atlantis.
By spiritual growth and bodily cleansing, the trapped
soul can stop the cycle of reincarnations and become one with
God. Reincarnations allow time for the growth of the soul.
Current address unavailable.
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