Fellowship of Universal Guidance
The Fellowship of Universal Guidance, a metaphysical
group that operated in the greater Los Angeles area, was
among the early groups to align itself with the New Age movement.
The fellowship was founded by Wayne A. Guthrie and
Bella Karish in 1960. Both channelled entities who were viewed
as great sources of light. After operating in Los Angeles for several
decades, the fellowship moved to suburban Glendale.
Among the people associated with the fellowship in the 1960s
was David Spangler. As a young student, Spangler learned to
channel under the guidance of the fellowship and was still associated
with them when the entity ‘‘John’’ began to speak
through him. Spangler carried an understanding of the New
Age developed in relationship to Guthrie and Karish with him
to Findhorn in 1970. He stayed at Findhorn for several years
and eventually became one of the major spokespeople for the
New Age movement in the United States.
No contact has been made with the fellowship in recent
years and it is assumed that it has disbanded.
Wisdom Workshop Lessons. 12 vols. Los Angeles Fellowship of
Universal Guidance, n.d.

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