An early neopagan group that pioneered the development
of goddess worship in southern California. It was founded by
Frederick M. Adams in 1967. Adams, who had studied Greek
and Celtic folklore, as well as the works of C. G. Jung, had a
mystical experience in 1956 when he was suddenly seized by a
realization of ‘‘the sacred feminine principle.’’ In 1957 he devoted
himself to establishing a ‘‘nature celebration’’ group
known as the Fellowship of Hesperides. He also met and was
deeply influenced by the poet Robert Graves and Graves’s book
The White Goddess. In 1959 Adams started a multifamily commune
in the Sierra Madre, with seasonal festivals at a goddess
temple. The temple and commune became the predecessors of
Feraferia, an organization which can be contacted at 12318
Shady Ln., Nevada City, CA 95959. Website http
Feraferia. httpfinewest.comferaferia. March 14, 2000.