Fernández, José S(alvador) (1893–1967)
A civil engineer and for many years the president of Colegio
Argentino de Estudios Psiquicos (Argentine College of Psychic
Studies). Fernández was born February 16, 1893, in Buenos
Aires and studied at Buenos Aires University. His wife was a
clairvoyant, and through the 1930s Fernández championed
the cause of both Spiritualism and parapsychology in Argentina.
He was the first Argentinian to adopt the quantitative methodology
as advocated by J. B. Rhine, and made early statistical
studies of clairvoyance and precognition. He also founded the
ATMAN Spiritualist Circle in 1933 and attended meetings of
the Psyke Circle to sit with mediums and clairvoyants. He
helped revive psychical studies after World War II and served
successively as the president of the Sociedad Argentina de
Parapsicologia (1948–53), the Instituto Argentino de Parapsicologia
(1953–55), and the Argentino de Estudios Psiquicos
Fernández was a member of the Sociedad Constancia and
was assistant editor of the psychic journal Constancia. He contributed
many articles on parapsychology to journals in Argentina,
Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, and Great Britain. He died
March 14, 1967.
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