First Satanic Church
The First Satanic Church was created on October 31, 1999,
by Karla LaVey, the elder daughter of Anton LaVey
(1930–1997), the founder of the Church of Satan. Following
his death, the church was involved in an extensive controversy
and litigation over the future of the church and the inheritance
of LaVey’s possessions. Blanche Barton, LaVey’s secretary,
emerged as the person in control of the church. Among those
who did not accept Barton’s leadership was Karla LaVey.
It is LaVey’s opinion that much had been lost within the
Church of Satan since her father’s death. The First Satanic
Church is an effort to revive the Church of Satan as she knew
it at an earlier time. The church continues to use The Satanic
Bible and the other books authored by Anton LaVey and sees
itself as an elite remnant that wishes to engage in the public and
serious study of Satanism and the occult sciences. It differs from
the Church of Satan in that it does not recruit new members
and is not an open membership church. It carefully screens any
who apply for membership. While the church has several Internet
sites, it does not see itself as a cyberspace organization. Prospective
members are asked to make contact via more traditional
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The church teaches that Satanism is not the inverse of Christianity,
nor is it concerned with popular images of animal mutilation
and other grisly crimes. Rather it is centered upon Satan
as the Adversary, the Opposition. It thus emphasizes virtues of
individualism and rational self-interest.
Among the projects supported by the church is The 600
Club (a parody of The 700 Club, the television talk show hosted
by Christian evangelist Pat Robertson), a cybernet presence to
provoke thought among Satanists (both inside and outside the
First Satanic Church), to emphasize individuality within the
larger world of Satanism, and to counter what are considered
false reports concerning Satanism in general and the First Satanic
Church in particular that appear in the media. The club,
in turn, sponsors The Voice of Satan radio show.
The First Satanic Church may be contacted at P.O. Box
475177, San Francisco, CA. 94147. It publishes a quarterly
newsletter. It has two Internet sites, http
www.satanicchurch.comhtmlcontact.html and http
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