Fischer, H(enri) Thèodore (1901– )
Dutch professor of anthropology who was also active in the
field of parapsychology. Born April 6, 1901, at Poerwakarta,
Dutch East Indies, Fischer was awarded a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology
in 1929 and became professor of cultural anthropology
at the University of Utrecht in 1936.
He was also director of the Volkenkundig Institut, Utrecht;
president of the Dutch Society for Psychical Research
(1945–56); and a charter member of the Parapsychological
Association. He took a special interest in clairvoyance and the
evidence for survival after death. In addition to his papers for
various periodicals dealing with anthropology, Fischer published
several books on anthropology and ethnology.
Pleasants, Helene, ed. Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology.
New York Helix Press, 1964.

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