Fisk, G(eorge) W(illiam) (1882–1972)
British parapsychologist and lecturer in physics. Fisk was
born January 9, 1882, at Liverpool, England. He studied at
London University (B.D., 1906) and Victoria University (B.A.,
1907). After graduation, Fisk moved to China where he lectured
in physics at Chi-lu University, Shantung, China
(1908–1915), and served as British vice-consul at the Chinese
Emigration Bureau Center, North China (1915–19), and as
labor superintendent of Kailan Mining Administration
(1919–30). While in China, Fisk joined the Society for Psychical
Research (SPR). He became fascinated with the examples
of paranormal activity he saw in the Orient. Later, upon his return
to England, he became a charter member of the Parapsychological
Association, joined the SPR Council (1950), and
served as editor of the Journal and Proceedings of the SPR
(1957–66). In 1958 he and Donald J. West received the McDougall
Award for their paper ‘‘Psychokinetic Experiments
with a Single Subject.’’
Fisk spent more than 30 years in quantitative research on
ESP. His articles were published in the Journal of the SPR and
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the Journal of Parapsychology. He also wrote a Chinese-EnglishFrench
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