Flying Saucer Review
Quarterly British publication on UFOs. The Flying Saucer
Review was founded in 1955 in London by Derek Dempster, a
former Royal Air Force pilot. Under the editorship of Brinsley
le Poer Trench (1956–59) it developed a reputation as an uncritical
periodical, but during the tenure of Charles Bowen it
became one of the most influential journals serving the UFO
community. Bowen retired because of illness in 1982 and was
succeeded by Gordon Creighton. Creighton, influenced by various
conspiracy theories, has aliented many in the UFO establishment
who no longer consider the Flying Saucer Review a serious
UFO organ. Address The Editor, FSR Publications Ltd.,
P.O. Box 162, High Wycombe, Bucks., HP13 5DZ, England.
Clark, Jerome. The Emergence of a Phenomenon UFOs from the
Beginning through 1959. Vol. 2 of The UFO Encyclopedia. Detroit
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