Foundation Faith of God
The Foundation Faith of God was founded in 1974 by former
members of the Process Church of the Final Judgment,
including the great majority of the leadership. Many in the Process
Church had become increasingly discouraged by the direction
being taken by church founder Robert de Grimston. He
had come to focus more and more on a dualist doctrine of the
unity of Christ and Satan, and the church had been identified
as a Satanist religion in the popular press. The leaders collectively
withdrew, leaving the church an empty shell, and reorganized
as the Foundation Church of the Millennium. They later
changed names to the Foundation Faith of the Millennium
(1977) and adopted the present name in 1980.
The Foundation Faith of God has a doctrine approaching
orthodox Christianity and affirms a belief in the Christian
Trinity, the deity of Christ, salvation from sin, and the necessity
of a new birth. The church is strongly focused on endtime issues
of the Second Coming of Christ and the coming kingdom
of God. It has a healing ministry and many of the ministers
offer spiritual (psychic) consultations. The church also maintains
a strong social ministry.
Address Faith Center, 3030 Palomino Ln., Las Vegas, NV