Franklyn, Julian (1899–1970)
British author, lecturer, and editor, active in the field of
parapsychology. Born December 30, 1899, in London, Franklyn
became an expert on London Cockneys and their slang, as
well as heraldry. He was a member of the Heraldry Society and
the Society of Genealogists.
He was editor of an important compilation titled A Survey
of the Occult (1935), reprinted as A Dictionary of the Occult (1973).
He also published articles on parapsychological topics in Tomorrow
magazine and wrote a variety of nonoccult books, including
The Cockney (1953), A Dictionary of Rhyming Slang
(1960), Shield and Crest (1960), and A Dictionary of Nicknames
(1962). His final book, on witchcraft, was Death by Enchantment,
published posthumously in 1971.
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