Fraser-Harris, David (Fraser) (1867–1937)
Professor of physiology and histology who also took an active
interest in psychical research. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland,
in February 1867, Fraser-Harris had a distinguished career
in Scotland, Birmingham, and later in Nova Scotia.
His first experiences in psychical research were at the National
Laboratory of Psychical Research, founded by Harry
Price, in May 1931 while investigating the claimed materialization
phenomena of Helen Duncan. Following this he attended
seances with the medium Rudi Schneider from February to
May 1932 and testified (Hibbert Journal, October 1932) to
Schneider’s genuine telekinetic powers. He suggested the term
teledynamist for physical mediums.
In addition to his books on medical and technical subjects,
Fraser-Harris published Sixth Sense (1928) and The Rhythms of
Life (1929). He contributed articles to the Journal of the Society
for Psychical Research and occasionally lectured at the British
College of Psychic Science. He died January 3, 1937.
Fraser-Harris, David. The Great Design Order and Progress in
Nature. New York Macmillan, 1934.