French, Emily S. (1830–1912)
Direct voice medium of Buffalo, New York, and a relative
of President Grover Cleveland. French was investigated for 20
years by Edward C. Randall of Buffalo. Isaac Funk and James
H. Hyslop also conducted remarkable experiments to prove
that the voices did not originate in the vocal organs of the medium.
Her Indian control ‘‘Red Jacket’’ had an exceedingly loud,
masculine voice that would have easily filled a hall with a seating
capacity of 2000 people. The medium at that time was a
frail old woman with a weak heart and was deaf, yet the sitters
could hear every remark of the communicators.
For 22 years French assisted Randall’s ‘‘rescue circle,’’
where ‘‘earthbound spirits’’ were helped. She gave her mediumistic
services without charge. Randall’s book The Dead Have
Never Died (1917) describes their work and contains biographical
information. French died July 24, 1912.
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