Fricker, Edward G. (1910– )
British psychic healer. When his mother died from cancer,
Fricker prayed that he might be able to heal others. A Spiritualist
medium brought him a message from his mother that Fricker
indeed had such a healing gift.
His autobiography, God Is My Witness (1977), tells of his
humdrum life as shop assistant, butcher, and costermonger
(hawker of fruit or vegetables) before he developed his healing
gift. He writes that he was inspired by a ‘‘voice’’ that put him
in touch with a team of doctors in the spirit world. He claims
to have healed over a million people during the last 25 years,
although he has no medical knowledge.
After Fricker was featured on a television program, the station
that broadcast the program was swamped with thousands
of calls from sufferers. His clients at his clinic in the Westminster
area of London have included such well-known personalities
as British TV presenter Katie Boyle, actor Christopher Lee
(famous for his Dracula roles), and actress Ann Todd