Frost, Yvonne (1931– )
Yvonne Frost, cofounder of the Church and School of
Wicca, was born Yvonne Wilson in Los Angeles, California.
Raised a Baptist, she rejected her childhood faith as a teenager
and became a spiritual seeker. She read books on comparative
religion, but put her quest somewhat on hold in 1950 when she
married. She divorced in 1960 and returned to school. She
earned an associate’s degree from Fullerton Junior College in
The Friendship Centre Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Fullerton, California, in 1962. Following her graduation she
took a job with an aerospace company in Anaheim, where she
met her future husband, Gavin Frost. By this time she had become
involved in Spiritualism, and she and Gavin began to
participate in psychic development classes at a local Spiritualist
A short time later they moved to St. Louis to take new jobs
and while there, in the late 1960s, were initiated into Witchcraft.
They began to write and prepared the text of a book. Unable
to find a publisher, they hit upon the idea of editing the
material as a set of lessons that could be offered to people
through a correspondence course. Ads were placed in occult
periodicals. Within a short time they organized the School of
Wicca and then the Church of Wicca. In 1970 Yvonne married
Gavin and assumed the role of bishop in the church.
In 1974 the Frosts moved to New Bern, North Carolina,
where the church and school headquarters was relocated. The
book that she and Gavin had written was eventually published
in 1975 as The Witch’s Bible. It met a storm of controversy generated
by witches who disagreed with much of it, especially its
downplaying of the centrality of the Goddess, considered by
many witches as the central affirmation of their religion.
Over the next two decades Frost provided leadership for the
church and school and coauthored a number of books on witchcraft
and magic with her husband. In the 1990s she moved into
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