Fry, Daniel (1908– )
One of the early 1950s flying saucer contactees. Fry was
born July 19, 1908, in Vernon, Minnesota. A former technician
of White Sands Proving Grounds, Fry claimed that in 1950
while he was walking in the New Mexico desert he found a flying
saucer that had landed. He said he held a conversation by
telepathy with an invisible spaceman called ‘‘Alan’’ and took a
ride in the saucer over New York. Following the publication of
his books White Sands Incident and Alan’s Message To Men of
Earth in 1954, Fry became a celebrity in the contactee movement.
He went on to found Understanding, Inc. (now World
Understanding) in 1955, through which he teaches the metaphysical
perspective he has derived from his space contacts.
Fry, Daniel. Alan’s Message To Men of Earth. Los Angeles
New Age Publishing, 1954.
———. Atoms, Galaxies, and Understanding. El Monte, Calif.
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———. Can God Fill Teeth The Real Facts Behind the Miracle
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———. White Sands Incident. Los Angeles New Age Publishing,

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