Fuller, Curtis (1912–1991)
Cofounder and publisher of FATE magazine. Fuller was
born March 2, 1912, in Necedah, Wisconsin, and was educated
at the University of Wisconsin (B.A., 1933) and Northwestern
University (M.S., 1937). He married Mary Margaret Stiehm on
September 24, 1938. After a period as a newspaper writer, he
was an editor on several magazines in the late 1930s and 1940s.
By the mid-1940s he was working for Ziff-Davis, a large Chicago-based
In the wake of Ziff-Davis’s contemplated move to New York
and the sighting of flying saucers by Kenneth Arnold in 1947,
Fuller and Ray Palmer (also a Ziff-Davis employee) decided to
start a new company, Clark Publishing, and issue FATE magazine
to explore UFOs and other mysteries. In 1955 he bought
out Ray Palmer, who had already withdrawn from active editorial
work. In 1966 Mary Margaret Fuller was named editor and
Curtis Fuller assumed duties as publisher. He also created a
second company, Woodall, Inc., which operated in the travel
field and issued directories for trailers and campers.
Fuller had a sympathetic but skeptical view of paranormal
phenomena and always insisted on high editorial standards
and supporting data on any extraordinary claims made in the
magazine’s pages. He was a member of the Illinois Society for
Psychical Research (president 1961–64) and was active in the
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (treasurer 1962–69). The Fullers
directed FATE together through the 1970s and 1980s, but
following Mary Margaret’s retirement in 1988 the magazine
was sold to Llewellyn Publications. The March 1989 issue of
FATE contained a farewell editorial from Curtis Fuller. He died
April 29, 1991.
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