Fund for UFO Research
Founded in the District of Columbia in 1979 to provide
grants for UFO research and public education. The chairman
since its beginning has been physicist Bruce Maccabee. It reviews
research proposals and approves those that promise to
advance scientific knowledge and public awareness of UFO
phenomena. It grants interviews to news media, bestows
awards, and conducts research programs. It is not a membership
organization nor does it publish a magazine, although it
issues occasional reports. It does not investigate UFO reports,
but it works with and funds groups that do. Address P.O. Box
277, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.
A Brief History of the Fund for UFO Research. Washington,
D.C. Fund for UFO Research, n.d.
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Detroit Apogee Books, 1990.
The Government UFO Collection A Collection of UFO Documents
from the Government of the USA and Canada. Mt. Rainier, Md.
Fund for UFO Research, 1981–85.

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