Galigai, Leonora (d. 1617)
Wife of the Maréchal d’Ancre Concinoc, who was killed by
King Louis XIII’s men April 24, 1617. The queen’s niece and
foster sister, she was believed to be a sorceress and was said to
have bewitched the queen, becoming one of her favorites. She
was found with three volumes full of magic characters, in addition
to charms and amulets. At her trial, it was established that
the marshal and his wife had consulted magicians, astrologers,
and sorcerers, had made use of waxen images, and had brought
sorcerers from the town of Nancy to sacrifice cocks.
It is said that she was condemned on her own confession and
beheaded and burned. When President Courtin had asked her
by what charm she had bewitched the queen, she had replied,
proudly, ‘‘My spell was the power of a strong mind over a weak

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