General Assembly of Spiritualists
The General Assembly of Spiritualists originated in 1930
when its members withdrew from the National Spiritualist Association
of Churches (NSAC) and reorganized independently.
The NSAC was in the midst of a reoccurring debate over reincarnation.
The traditional Spiritualist position in North America
and England opposed reincarnation, which seemed to deny
the possibility of spirit contact (if the spirit was reincarnated).
However, a belief in reincarnation had become entrenched in
the New York area. The Declaration of Principle of the General
Assembly of Spiritualists is identical to that of the parent body
except that it lacks the statement on prophecy, which was only
added to the NSAC statement after the schism. The General
Assembly of Spiritualists is headquartered at the Ansonia
Hotel, 2107 Broadway, New York, New York 10023.
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