Ghirardelli, Cornelio (ca. 1610)
Originally listed in the Encyclopedia of Occultism by Lewis
Spence (1920) as ‘‘Quiradelli, Corneille.’’ Ghirardelli was a
Franciscan monk born in Boulogne, France, toward the end of
the sixteenth century. He studied astrology and was the author
of several works on astrology, physiognomy, and other subjects.
Ghirardelli, Cornelio. Cefalogia fisonomica divisa in dieci
Doche, dove conforme a’documenti d’Aristotile, e d’altri filosofi
naturali. . . . Bologna, Italy, 1630.
———. Compendio della cefalogia fisonomica; nella quale si contiene
cento sonetti di diversi eccellenti posti sopra cento teste humane.
Bologna, Italy, 1673.