Gilbert, R(obert) A(ndrew) (1942– )
Book dealer and authority on the history of magic and esoteric
organizations. He was born October 6, 1942, in Bristol,
England, and attended the University of Bristol (B.A. honors,
1964). Since 1966 Gilbert and his wife have been antiquarian
book dealers. Gilbert is also a trustee of the Yarker Library
Trust and the Hermetic Research Trust and is a member of the
Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. He
has written a number of books and articles, but is possibly most
known for his work on the Hermetic Order of the Golden
Dawn and in particular one of its members, occult author Arthur
E. Waite.
Gilbert has stated that his aim is
‘‘to promote those elements within the esoteric traditions of
Western Europe and of the Judeo-Christian tradition which
have been unjustly neglected on account of their presumed unorthodoxy.
I wish to demonstrate their compatibility with orthodox
Christianity. In addition, I continue to work on the
questions of the nature and communication of mystical experience,
the distribution of life within the universe, and the religious
implications of cosmology.’’
He has been an incisive critic of the pretentious and the
charlatanic in occultism.
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