Gillespie, William Hewitt (1905– )
British psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who also wrote on
parapsychological subjects. Gillespie was born August 6, 1905,
at Pei-Tai-Ho, China. He later attended the Universities of
Edinburgh (Scotland) and Vienna. He held important positions
in the LCC Mental Hospitals Service, London (1931–36);
the Institute of Psychiatry (1944–70); and the London Clinic of
Psychoanalysis (1944–47) and was appointed to the Maudsley
Hospital, London in 1936, where after a long tenure he was
named emeritus physician. During his career he wrote a number
of articles on parapsychological subjects.
Gillespie, William H. ‘‘Extrasensory Elements in Dream Interpretation.’’
Psychoanalysis and the Occult. Edited by George
Devereaux. New York International Universities Press, 1953.